About jfish

I have always had a passion to inspire people to work together towards a remarkable outcome. It’s in my DNA. For 19 years I was an elementary educator where I mastered the skill of managing many moving parts at the same time. Parents trusted me with their precious children; you can trust me with ALL of aspects of your event. You can simply ENJOY your event and time with your guests.

I can help you make your event reality

After leaving education, I moved on to ministry and fundraising. It was in those years that I further crafted my skills to coordinate memorable, meaningful and creative events. You will benefit from my skill for planning and being proactive to address potential problems BEFORE they ARE a problem. But why just have a good event? I will use my experience to elevate your event beyond typical or standard.

From there, I moved into the world of non-profits where I honed my gift of executing fundraising events that attracted top donors. I also developed skills as a corporate event-planner; organizing mixers, meetings, celebrations and conferences; in person and virtual. Whether you what to develop learning and collaboration within your team; celebrate great staff or important clients; raise friends or raise funds, I know what it takes to create a catalytic event for you or your organization.

No matter what kind of event your imagination dreams up; I can help you make it a reality.

A day in the life of jfish…

If you were to join me for typical day in my life you would see that I aim to be intentional with how I spend my time. Time is the great equalizer. We are all given the same 24 hours in a day. It is important to me to live on purpose and maximize my gifts, talents and blessings. Also, my love language is quality time, so you will very often find me just being with my loved ones: watching movies, sports, drinking a beer.

It is the sum of little moments in life, that create a meaningful life. I enjoy making even the smallest of moments into an event with a great cup of tea and a lap quilt, even in the heat of the summer. Add to this moment, a dog or two beside me on the couch or laying on my feet.

Down time for me is slowing down to hear the wind blow, the birds sing or simply great music. You will often find me sitting outside on the back patio whether with a good book, my laptop or my phone playing Solitaire.

I am a compulsive organizer

Did I tell you that I am a compulsive organizer? Now that explains the Solitaire; repeatedly sorting by number and suit is very satisfying and relaxing to me. So, you will also find me completing ordinary tasks such as dishes or laundry because It fulfils my need to create order out of chaos. Other household cleaning jobs I save for the professionals.

I enjoy watching sports because it becomes a common interest, even if you are only slightly interested. I follow some sports just enough to start or participate in a well-spirited conversation. Everyone is able to speak somewhat about one or more sports teams they follow. Most people can tell you about the latest movie they saw, but being able to speak about particular movies depends on personal interest. Besides, you can’t talk smack about movies like you can sports.

I want to experience life. I enjoy traveling with my husband to new places and returning to favorite places. Seeing landmarks and visiting museums fulfills my love to learn. Also, I love being immersed with the locals and experiencing local food and culture. Traveling itself is a grand adventure; intentionally enjoying the journey not just the destination.

I look forward to, and am so grateful for the opportunity to share life with you. One precious moment or event at a time.

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